How to Cite an Essay MLA

Citing an Essay in MLA Format

When it comes to citing for an essay or any professional work, one can become restricted to citing the paper using the MLA style.

It doesn’t matter if you are a student or professional writer, citing of essays is not something you can escape. There are ideally many types of citing techniques. The popular ones include APA, Modern Language Association and Chicago. custom writings All these have distinct citing formats. While this paper does not show the citations of all the three styles, it extensively focuses on the MLA style. Consider the following guidelines when citing an essay using the MLA style:

In-text Citations

In-text citations are citations that are within the essay. They come after a paraphrased idea or after a quotation. For some citations like APA, the in-text includes the name of the surname of the author and the year of publication. In MLA, things are a bit different. The in-text citations in MLA include the first name appearing on the work cited page and the page number where an idea or quotation is extracted. One should not forget to put this in-text cite information in the bracket.

H2: Work Cited

If you were keen on the previous sector, you must have noticed the name or mention of a work cited page. Well, this is the page where all sources that have been in-text cited in the essay are recorded. It is the bibliography page. The format of the work cited page in MLA is distinct. Firstly, it does not title as reference or bibliography, but titles as work cited. Secondly, the structure of the sources needs to include first name, the abbreviation of the surname, name of the article, title of the journal it is extracted from, and the year and page number. The journal needs to be italicized and the arrangement of all the sourced need to be in alphabetical order.

H2: Punctuations

Punctuations are an important component in every citation style. The reason is that while some must include some punctuation marks, other styles do not require the use of the punctuation marks. Consider the case of MLA. Here, the only punctuation marks required are the brackets. A writer should not include any commas or punctuations marks between the page number and the name of the author. Such inclusions are only made in APA and Chicago.

H2: Conclusion

It is good that you have learned about citing an essay using the MLA format. However, you also need to check on how to format an essay using the other formats. The reason is that MLA is just one of the popular citation formats of an essay. You may be asked to cite your essay using other formats such as APA and Chicago. Do not be among those people who wait for the task to be given so that they can start mastering their format technique as this will get you into confusion.